The Runs are from the small British Columbia town of Fernie BC. Fernie is a haven for snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and fly fishing. Fernie is very diverse with it’s  4000 residents made up of Aussies, Kiw’s, Swedes, Brits, and locals. This diversity keeps the bars hoppin and the music flowin year round! Out of this culture The Runs were born and have been rockin Fernie since 2004! Enjoy our first studio produced album!

G Money





 The Runs are:

Greg (G. Money) Barrow – Guitar and Vocals

Alanna Bamber- Bass and Vocals

Adam Laurin – Guitar and Vocals

Duane Neufeld – Bass and Vocals

Scott Deydey – Drums and Vocals

Stoke Folk Photos courtesy of Nick Nault